Epic Star Wars Series Is More Than A Rogue One Prequel

Lucasfilm officially releases a new trailer for Star Wars spinoff show Andor, featuring Diego Luna reprising his famous Rogue One role, Cassian Andor.

A new Andor trailer is officially released. Starring Diego Luna as his Rogue One character Cassian Andor, the latest Star Wars TV show is gearing up for its release later next month. Set five years prior to Rogue One, the series (which is confirmed to run two seasons) tells the story of how Cassian transformed into the fiercely dedicated Rebel who gave his life to steal the Death Star plans. In addition to Luna, Andor also stars Genevieve O’Reilly, Adria Arjona, Stellan Skarsgård, and more.

Lucasfilm kicked off the show’s marketing campaign by releasing the first Andor trailer during Star Wars Celebration in May. The preview set the tone for an epic war drama reminiscent of Rogue One, depicting the Empire at the height of their powers and a fledging Rebellion hoping to fight back. The Andor trailer raised excitement for the upcoming series, leaving viewers wanting more. Now, just a few weeks before the Andor premiere, another trailer is online.


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During his appearance on Good Morning AmericaLuna debuted the latest Andor trailer. The preview also confirmed the Andor release date has been pushed back to September 21, with a special three-episode premiere. Additionally, Lucasfilm unveiled a new poster. Watch the trailer and check out the poster below:

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Star Wars Andor new poster

One of the biggest takeaways from the trailer is how grand Andor’s scope is. Based on the way the preview is cut, Cassian’s origin story is but a sliver of a larger picture. As a whole, the series is concerned with the origins of the Rebel Alliance, as evidenced by Mon Mothma’s maneuverings in the Imperial Senate and and Skarsgård’s leader Luther Rand recruiting people (including Cassian) to fight for the cause. Rand appears to have as large a role in Andor as the show’s namesake, as he’ll also cross paths with Saw Gerrera (who has his unique brand of pushing back against the Empire). It will be very interesting to see how these various threads mesh with each other. From this, the decision to give Andor 12 episodes should pay off. That gives the creative team plenty of time to tell their full narrative, and they ideally won’t have to shortchange any storylines.

Andor also looks incredibly cinematic, a byproduct of the choice to shoot the series on location and on large, practical sets (differentiating Andor from the other Star Wars shows that made use of the Volume). Creator Tony Gilroy and his team di lui are painting on a large canvas befitting of a wartime story, delivering all the action viewers have come to expect from a modern Star Wars project. Just in the trailer, Andor boasts some impressive set pieces, including exciting space battles that should be great to watch unfold onscreen. All in all, Andor has the pieces in place to be one of the best Star Wars shows to date, and hopefully it will live up to that potential.

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