EXCLUSIVE leaked images of Pico 4 Controllers!

Last week, we were able to discover more info about the upcoming Pico headset thanks to the FCC filings of the “Pico 4” spotted by Janko Roettgers. Since I’m pretty interested in what Pico is doing, when I reported the news on my weekly roundup, I asked for any one of you in the community to send me whatever info you could have about it. And today, well, the magic happened, and someone sent me via email two exclusive images about the controllers of the headset! I love this community.

Whoever has been, I love you, and thanks for the trust you had in me!

So let me share with you everything I now know about the Pico 4 and its controllers!

Pico 4 Video Controllers

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Pico 4

Since the acquisition by Bytedance, Pico is trying to become the most serious competitor of Meta in the consumer VR market. At first, at Laval Virtual, the company announced the Pico Neo 3 Link, which is the consumer version of the Pico Neo 3 Pro, which is basically a Quest 2 clone. During the announcement, the company teased that a new headset would have come by offering a discount for new Pico headsets for all the Neo 3 Link owners.

We had no info about this new headset until Janko Roettgers last week found an FCC filing about “Pico 4” and “Pico 4 Pro”. The filing includes an interesting image of the lenses of the headset and a few schematics. From the image, it is possible to see that the headset is smaller than the Quest 2 and similar devices. Furthermore, the lenses are surely not Fresnel and hopefully, they are made for a larger FOV than the one of the Pico Neo 3, but usually, pancake headsets have FOV problems, so I’d hope for something in the 100 ° ballpark. We can also spot the integrated speakers on the side of the device.

I’m very curious now to discover how this headset will be. If some other community members want to share something with me, please find my contact info here. If instead you want to say something about this exciting news about the Pico 4, please feel free to comment here below or on my social media posts.

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