Rihanna signs on for Super Bowl as NFL gets worse

“And now, for your halftime entertainment …”Image: Getty Images Let’s just get right to it. This Rihanna situation feels… uncomfortable. Words like “odd,” “unexpected,” and “wrong” could also be used to describe how most of us are feeling about her decision to perform during halftime at Super Bowl LVII. Just a few years ago, Rihanna … Read more

Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz sees errors of his ways

Thinking back to Wentz he came.Image: Getty Images It’s funny sometimes how people don’t realize the error in their ways until it’s too late. Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz is finally admitting that he could have done better during his time in Philadelphia. It wasn’t solely about what he did on the field but more … Read more

San Diego State University had arguably the worst stadium opening of all-time

It feels hot just looking at this pic.Image: Getty Images Triple-digit heat, but not an ounce of shade to be found. It sounds like a lyric from that Alanis Morissette song, “Ironic,” but for San Diego State football fans, it was a reality, a nightmare come to life. SnapDragon Stadium opened up on Aug. 19, … Read more

Tony Khan’s CM Punk-Jon Moxley AEW title booking was atrocious

‘Do I have everybody’s attention now?’Screenshots: AEW The most noteworthy part of now-former AEW champion CM Punk’s three-minute loss to Jon Moxley on Wednesday’s Dynamite had nothing to do with the story beats presented on screen, in the ring, or by the show’s commentary team. It had everything to do with an incident last week … Read more

Not everyone listens when Tiger Woods speaks

Tiger WoodsPhoto: AP I’m just going to rip the duct tape off here because to put it delicately would lessen my point: Tiger Woods doesn’t have the moral high ground to tell anybody what to do. He has every authority in every other aspect of the LIV argument – 15 major wins, status in the … Read more

Seahawk’s initial depth chart has Geno Smith as starting QB

Image: AP “What if – and this is purely hypothetical – we float out an unofficial depth just to see how they react?” – (Probably) Pete Carroll buzzing around a 3 am coaches meeting, a few Adderall and five sugar-free Red Bulls deep, trying to figure out how to ease Seattle fans into a reality … Read more

Three fights in three days got a Saints rookie removed from practice

Trevor PenningPhoto: AP I know football is a physical sport, but when it’s your first time at OTAs, and you’re trying to make an impression that will keep you on an NFL roster for years to come, getting in fights with your teammates doesn’t seem like the best course of action. One fight? Okay, maybe … Read more