George Soros Deals a Big Blow to Tesla Rival Rivian

It’s been a somewhat hectic August for Rivian (RIVN) . The startup, which is presented as one of Tesla’s (TSLA) most serious rivals in the race for electric vehicles, is currently accumulating setbacks. The electric vehicle manufacturer has just announced mixed earnings for the second quarter. While the company kept unchanged its forecast to produce … Read more

Billionaire George Soros Bets on Musk’s Tesla and Ford

George Soros seems to have picked his winners in the race for electric vehicles. In any case, the emblematic investor is placing his pawns while car manufacturers are fighting with thunderous announcements to occupy this market considered to be the future of the automobile in the medium term at least. Soros, who had so far … Read more

How to Use End-to-End Encryption in Facebook Messenger Right Now

Meta might not be a bastion of digital privacy (and very well may be an enemy of it), but the times might be a-changin ‘. The company announced on Thursday, Aug. 11 they are testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Facebook Messenger as the default, meaning all Messenger users would have their chats protected from spying … Read more

Everyone Should Be Using iOS 16’s Safety Check Feature

Photo: rafapress (Shutterstock) With iOS 16Apple is bringing even more privacy-focused features to your iPhone. We’ve already discussed Lockdown Modewhich protects your data when you suspect you may be targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack. Not exactly a universal use case — but another new feature, Safety Check, can benefit anyone with an iPhone. It … Read more

Google’s ‘Get the Message’ Campaign is Just Embarrassing

Will Android and Apple ever play nice? Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo This week, alongside a massive unveiling of brand new foldable devices and accessories from Samsung, Google put out its own ad campaign in an attempt to rally the troops against Apple’s tyrannical reign on messaging. Google’s #getthemessage campaign hopes to stoke the flames … Read more

Sound Waves Let Researchers Build Stuff With the Force

What does the future of construction look like? Autonomous machines buzzing around a building site? Giant 3D printers extruding walls and floors? Looking forward even farther, researchers at the Public University of Navarre in Spain have been experimenting with using sound waves to make building materials simply float into position without any physical interaction required. … Read more

How to pick the right MacBook

A new MacBook Air running M2 chip is seen displayed during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, June 6, 2022. Peter Dasilva | Reuters Apple has five MacBook computers to choose from, which might be a little daunting if you’re in the market for a new laptop as we hit back-to-school season. … Read more

‘Forget the past three years’

Eugene Zhang, founding partner of Silicon Valley VC firm TSVC Spencer Greene, general partner of TSVC Courtesy: TSVC Eugene Zhang, a veteran Silicon Valley investor, recalls the exact moment the market for young startups peaked this year. The firehose of money from venture capital firms, hedge funds and wealthy families pouring into seed-stage companies was … Read more

It didn’t take long for Meta’s new chatbot to say something offensive

CNN Business – Meta’s new chatbot can convincingly mimic how humans speak on the internet – for better and worse. In conversations with CNN Business this week, the chatbot, which was released publicly Friday and has been dubbed BlenderBot 3, said it identifies as “alive” and “human,” watches anime and has an Asian wife. It … Read more

The inflation argument calling another good decade for tech investing

TuSimple, partly owned by UPS, makes self-driving trucks, a technology that may be among the innovations to help lower longer-run inflation in the transport sector. Source: TuSimple As inflation keeps flirting with 40-year highs, we know what the Fed is doing to fight back: raise interest rates. But what can businesses do to fight back … Read more